Welcome to the home of the Official Endo Builders Club. This club is a fan based forum for those interested in building their very own endos from any of the Terminator movies and TV shows. It was started back in 1999 as a Yahoo group called T-2 Builders and has evolved into this great forum.

T-2 Builders had over 200 members and has migrated to this forum which is a place to discuss all aspects of model making, sculpting and construction techniques.

To register for the forum, you must use a paid email account (i.e. not yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc).  If you do not have a paid email account, you must email the administrator and provide the following information: Full Name, Home Address, Telephone Number, and names of other forums you belong to along with your username on those forums.  We've had some problems with unscrupulous people in the past, and need this for everyone's protection.